Unit 8 Pre-Production & Production.

Risk assessment.

This will be the risk assessment I will be following while I film at every location. Everything that I decided was a risk for me has been further controlled to keep me even safer during the filming process and as I’m the only person filming I haven’t had to create the risk assessment around anyone else.

Production Calendar.

This will be the production calendar I will be following throughout the whole production process, I picked days to film when I am free or in college because every other day I am in work and unavailable to film so doing it this way was the smartest and fastest way to complete my production, I am also editing after every shooting day so I can start the edit right away so I’m not to stuck on the edit and the end of filming.


This will be the shooting and storyboard I will be following throughout my filming process but with the changable weather I may have to revise my timetable. I could run into a few different issues with new pathways being made, another issue could be with the unknown circumstances that coronavirus has on the location I want to film.

After completing my storyboard I have decided to exclude the Pen-Y-Fan scenes as I think my video will go over the time set and I believe it won’t give me enough time to complete the full editing process.

I have now booked tickets ready for the trip to St Fagans, with new rules in place due to covid 19 this is the only way to enter the building and park, without this you’re not allowed to go or even turn up on the day.


Brombil Reservoir.

This was one of the first locations I filmed at, these are just a few shots of me filming the bridge to get to the reservoir and the actual reservoir itself using a tripod to get the steadiest shot possible.

The only problem i ran into on this day was the mud because it rained the night before the paths and routes were covered in mud and puddles that blocked some of the many ways you can take to get to the reservoir. The lesson I have learned from this is to take the correct footwear and waterproof clothing and a base for the tri-pod.

St Fagans.

This was the second day of filming which was in St fagans, I am recording and taking photos of the church in these pictures using a full frame shot to get the full church within the picture.

No real problems happened while filming on this day but due to coronavirus many of the building and shops were closed as they are too narrow to let people in so I could only record the exterior of most of the buildings. I have learned to phone ahead to secure indoor access or to insure I have access to all the areas I have planned to film.

Brecon Beacon.

This was the third day I was filming, many of the shots I took was of the path and the River Mellte which it follows.

Due to the rain and flooding I could only walk half of the path and only see one of the water falls, I also had to shoot all my shots under umbrella just to stop the camera from getting wet this really made some of the shots i wanted harder to get as my movement with the umbrella was limited.


This is the start of my promotional video I start this off by naming the video and making sure all the setting are correct before I click ok.

After loading premier pro up and making sure the setting are ok I drop in the first video of my time line and add a title and music.

Now I start to pick the clips I’m using and pick the part of the clip I want to use for my video I do this by double clicking the video and watching it through clicking I & O to pick the part of the video I want to use.

After picking the clips and shortening them I [iut them in the order I want and create the first part of my timeline.

I have now finished my timeline by putting all my clips in order and creating title for each portion of the video next to do is add the effect and transitions.

Now ill add my transitions and effects to each clip to make the video smoother and more enjoyable to watch.

After adding the transitions and effects I will export making sure the format is H.264 a changing the preset to high quality 1080p to make sure the quality is perfect and that the video plays fine.

Editing summary.

After completing the editing process my promotional video was completed with no major issues, and the video come out the way I expected. The process took me a full two days to complete with the biggest issue being exporting, every time I tried to export the video the program would crash but after updating the software the problem was fixed and exported the way it should.

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