Unit 8 Research.


My idea is finding the best and most adventurous places to visit in South Wales, and recording the various locations you can play in, also giving information and the history of each venue. I have chosen the following locations because I think they will be more attractive to my target age range, this age range being 20-30. I think these locations will be better suited with the uncertainty of coronavirus restraints and certain places being closed. My chosen locations are Pen-Y-Fan, St. Fagan’s, Brecon Beacons, Cardiff and Brombil Reservoir.

Type of films.

I am going to communicate my idea by showing the many different adventures each location has and the many different ways you are able to experience each place, I will also create a shot list that follows suit with the locations I’m planning and its many impactful views.


The style I’m aiming for will be adventure which will be presented with fast paced music and quick cuts to the variation of locations, pathways and sights with the shot list creating the adventure for the viewer. Every time the location changes I will add a big title across the screen and how to pronounce each location in brackets.

Literature review.

Author, date, title.What is it about? How will I use this to assist in my pre-production? Why is this source reliable valid?
https://www.planetware.com/wales/south-wales-the-valleys-w-mg-tv.htm13 top rated tourist attraction in south wales. This website talks about the top-rated places to visit if you’re thinking of coming to wales.It lists the most popular locations so I will be using these to decide which to highlight in my video. From this page I have found locations I will visit for my video. I believe this page is reliable because it’s an official news source.
Brecon Beacon four Falls
This website talks about the locations, where to stay, what you can discover and places to eat and drink. I will use the information on this website to plan and highlight locations in Brecon I will record and visit.This is a trail riding website making it reliable as it has many different walks and paths.
 ST Fagan’s https://museum.wales/stfagans/       The website reveals the ways to walk around and the many things you can do for the day.      With this information I can discover and plan the location I will be filming for my production.This is the official website for the museum making it reliable and a viable source for information.
 Cardiff https://www.visitcardiff.com  From this website you can find where to eat, stay and locations to see during your trip to Cardiff.   This website helps me pin-point locations of interest when I record for my project. I gained this information from the official website for Cardiff.
 Pen-y-fanhttps://www.visitwales.com/things-do/adventure-and-activities/walking/crowning-glory-4-ways-walk-pen-y-fan This website gives you information on the history and the 4 different paths you can take to get to the top. I can take the information off the website and use it to take the best way up with the most scenic views and record that for my project. This is the official website for Pen-Y-Fan making it the most reliable on the internet.
 Brombil reservoir Port Talbothttps://twos-company.com/2020/06/29/brombil-reservoir-a-complete-guide/  This website gives you the complete guide to get there and what you can do when you get there. I can use the information from this website to plan my day, so I’m not stuck and know what I’m shooting before I even leave the house. I know this source is reliable because it specializes in travel blogs and different places.

This website is here to give any information or news on the walk that is called the Four falls Trail. It has a detailed map to show where you can go on the walk and the different paths you can take, it also shows the locations you can stop at and have a meal or a drink. You can also find out information on how to get there by bus or train if you can’t drive. It also has a download for the codes and convention of the countryside which you should know before you go out.

From this website I now have an easy guide to walk up there myself and have decided on the path I will go before I even leave, I also have the information to get a drink on the way and I now know the countryside code meaning ill be safer on the walk up.

St Fagans.


This is the map of St fagans which gives me every building and location in the museum, it numbers every building so I can identify the location I could film, this will help identify the areas I can film.

From this I can improve my time management highlighting the paths I can take to get to each location faster, planning my full day before I even step foot in the museum, I can also see the locations to eat and drink, picnic areas so I can stop through the day and I know the locations for every shop in the museum.


Looking through the website I can learn the many different things Cardiff has to offer these being:-

Whats on- Live events and many different things that are happening on a chosen day like live bands and fairs.

See & Do- This will be the things you can do everyday like shopping or white water rafting.

Eat & Drink- This will be the locations and many different things you can eat and drink like Mexican, British or even Indian cuisine to eat.

Stay- The many hotels and places you can stay within Cardiff with informations for each.

Discover- This shows all the hidden locations and things you can find within Cardiff like secret beaches and secret parts of town not many people know about.

All this information from the website has resulted in me being able to plan and know the day I’m going to have before I am even in Cardiff, this will save me the time knowing what I’m recording and how I’m going to film, I also know information like restaurants, Places to stay, what you can find and discover in the day and the event that would be on the day I go.



This website gives a detailed map and a simplified step by step guide on the walk to the top, the website also gives me information like the estimated walking time, the difficulty the being medium, the actual length of in miles and kilometres to get to the top and whether it is dog friendly or not.

This website helps me and gives me a good detailed plan of the trip to the top so from this I can identify the different locations I can film and also the safety equipment I should be bringing like a compass and a map, I also now how to get there and how the terrain will be.

Brombil reservoir.

This website helps me locate and find out information I didn’t know about Brombil reservoir, I can use the information to pinpoint places of interest for me to record and know the scenery I will be using for my video. The only problem with filming here is it needs to be a sunny day otherwise the water doesn’t glow the blue you see in the above picture. As it’s in Port Talbot I can also use the steel works that Port Talbot is famous for as a background, this can be extra footage or b-roll that I may use.

From this website I know how to get to the location on public transport and in a car this helps me so I know how to get there and not waste time trying to find the location, then once I am at the location I have detailed paragraphs on the path and the different locations I will go giving me my ideas and parts of the path I can film. It also gives you the easier route but I will be taking the harder route to get much more exciting shots.


After reviewing these websites and deciding on the locations I want to film, I’m planning on filming each location with my Canon M50 to grab the beautiful sights and views that can be seen but I’m also going to wear a GO-PRO to catch the little things and record the full walks, by doing this I believe I can show the adventurers the excitement Wales has to offer.

There’s one massive uncontrollable problem with filming in Wales and that’s the weather! The only way to avoid this is by checking the weather constantly or filming in covered locations which is unavoidable with the locations I have chosen, the only other ideas I could have is filming in the rain as I’m having no audio so it won’t effect the over all video.

The other problem I face is coronavirus which might limit the full experience of a location like St Fagans which is stopping people from going within the building and is also controlling how many people can enter in a day.

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